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10 May 2024

Mother's Day 2024: 5 meditation tips for moms to cultivate calm in everyday life

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19 Apr 2024

Idanim Becomes India's First and Only Subscription-Free Meditation App

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13 Feb 2024

Embrace Love and Connection: Idanim Unveils Valentine's Day Meditation offer

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1 Feb 2024

The need for tech platforms that can take care of emotional wellbeing and mental wellness

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3 Jan 2024

Embark on a Transformative 21-day Mindfulness Journey with Idanim’s Saarthi

13 Dec 2023

Mindfulness Leader Nithya Shanti Joins Idanim to Inspire Positive Change Globally

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23 Nov 2023

Elevate your Meditation Journey: Idanim introduces Pranayama Category

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12 Oct 2023

5 Mindfulness Tips to Start your Morning on the Right Note

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10 Oct 2023

Mental Health And Meditation: A Deep Dive Into The Facts On World Mental Health Day logo
10 Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day: महिलाओं के लिए क्यों जरूर है मेडिटेशन?

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13 Sep 2023

Ahead of Hindi Diwas, Idanim introduced guided meditations in Hindi

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10 Sep 2023

Unplug and Unwind: The 7 meditation apps for people seeking mindfulness

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7 Aug 2023

Idanim Introduces a Brand-New Meditation Category for Kids to Inculcate Life Values & Healthy Habits in Them

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6 Aug 2023

5 mindfulness techniques for kids to manage stress, develop empathy

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2 Aug 2023

Why parents should introduce meditation during formative years of children

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12 Jul 2023

Idanim Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Exciting Offers

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10 Jul 2023

Idanim: Platform to help workers de-stress; This meditation app promotes mental wellness among users

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9 Jul 2023

These meditation apps can help you with mindfulness

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29 Jun 2023

Meditation Apps Help Overcome Stress and Anxiety

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21 Jun 2023

11 Effective Tips to Unlock the Actual Benefits of Pranayama

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15 Jun 2023

Idanim Announces 40 percent Discount on Meditation Plans on the Occasion of Father's Day

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31 May 2023

Harness the Power of Meditation

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23 May 2023

Supercharge your Meditation Experience: Discover Apps Beyond the Basics

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21 May 2023

World Meditation Day 2023: Five-Minute Meditation Practices that One Can Do Anywhere

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21 May 2023

World Meditation Day 2023: 7 Easy and Effective Ways to Make Meditation a Habit

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18 May 2023

5 Meditation Techniques to Help Reduce Hypertension

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1 May 2023

Idanim introduces over 1000 guided meditations across 40+ categories among other new features

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24 Apr 2023

Mindfulness Meditation: 10 Benefits For Your Mental Health

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2 Mar 2023

Exam season: Best meditation practices for students to de-stress and reduce anxiety

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24 Feb 2023

5 best meditation techniques to increase productivity among students

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30 Dec 2022

Towards 2023: 7 counterproductive things employers need to stop doing at work

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9 Dec 2022

How mental well-being impacts employees’ work life and how employers can assess it

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26 Nov 2022

7 Ways To Cultivate Your Inner Stability To Avoid Workplace Stress

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15 Nov 2022

5 effective meditation techniques to practice at work

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10 Oct 2022

World Mental Health Day: Healthy mind leads to healthy world

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10 Oct 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022: Why inclusive mental health is a global priority

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29 Sep 2022

Idanim - A Mental Wellness and meditation App for Corporate Professionals announces its launch