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How mental well-being impacts employees’ work life and how employers can assess it

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9 Dec 2022

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review suggested that 43 percent of employees report high levels of daily stress and are on the verge of burnout. Poor mental health has a substantial influence on one’s capacity to work. It lays the path for a decline in cognitive function and work-life balance. Therefore, raising awareness of potential mental health concerns in the workplace is essential for promoting an inclusive environment.

Deloitte conducted research and found that 31 percent of employees expect support from their employer regarding mental well-being. To assess a healthy culture and employees’ mental well-being, the first step is to raise awareness about workplace-related mental health concerns and how employers might restrict an employee’s mental growth and therefore his/her productivity. So, when businesses make focused efforts to support and promote employee mental health, the entire organization thrives.

For people with mental health conditions, healthy mindfulness practices at work can contribute to recovery and inclusion, and improve confidence and social functioning.

Co-founder of Idanim, Raman Mittal, suggested a few methods that will help in assessing the mental health of the employees:

One-on-one discussions: One-on-one discussions help managers connect and build better relationships with their employees. These kinds of conversations make employees feel comfortable, especially talking about sensitive topics like mental health.

Employee engagement survey: Surveys help employees to share their experiences which builds trust as they are confidential in nature. Employers need to thoroughly analyze responses to specific items to understand how different facets of the business are impacting mental health at work.

Introducing employee wellness programs: Inculcating employee mental wellness programs in your organization can also help your employees in managing their stress at the workplace. Meditation and mindfulness have proven benefits in reducing stress, improving productivity, and boosting mental health.

Create a sense of urgency while seeking assistance: Encouraging employees at workplace to take the time necessary to discover and receive the help they require. Do your bit to remove the stigma associated with seeking or receiving mental health care by positively acknowledging it.

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