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We have brought together a unique mix of meditation practitioners from around the world who have a combined meditation experience of 200+ years. Our teachers are deep meditators and have outstanding corporate credentials.

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Nithya Shanti: [object Object]

Nithya Shanti

Pune, India

Rishma Palkar: [object Object]

Rishma Palkar

Ahmedabad, India

Raman Mittal: [object Object]

Raman Mittal

Noida, India

Joshna Ramakrishnan: [object Object]

Joshna Ramakrishnan

Chennai, India

Toby Ouvry: [object Object]

Toby Ouvry


Zoe Kanat: [object Object]

Zoe Kanat

Melbourne, Australia

Jay Chodagam: [object Object]

Jay Chodagam

San Francisco, USA

Saqib Rizvi: [object Object]

Saqib Rizvi

Vancouver, Canada

Amy Pattee Colvin: [object Object]

Amy Pattee Colvin

Washington, USA

Annemaree Rowley: [object Object]

Annemaree Rowley

Melbourne, Australia

Daniel Bellone: [object Object]

Daniel Bellone

Los Angeles, USA

Emerson Wolfe: [object Object]

Emerson Wolfe

Vancouver, Canada

Gyanmitra Saraswati: [object Object]

Gyanmitra Saraswati

Goa, India

Practice with our Meditation Teachers

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditation practitioner, our team of meditation teachers offers guided meditations tailored to help you deal with various challenges in your life. Our meditation teachers also conduct daily LIVE meditation sessions. Download & sign up on the Idanim app and tune into their meditation sessions, and deepen your meditation practice and find inner peace.

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