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Idanim Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Exciting Offers

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12 Jul 2023

Idanim, a meditation app for inner peace and well-being, is celebrating its 1 year anniversary through an exciting limited-time discount of 30 per cent using the coupon code IDANIM1. This offer allows individuals to explore the benefits of mindfulness and discover the unique features of Idanim.

This milestone reflects a year of growth and success for Idanim and signifies its ongoing commitment to promoting mental well-being for users of all ages. Since its launch a year ago, Idanim has become a go-to platform for individuals seeking a sanctuary of calm and serenity in their busy lives. With a diverse range of guided meditations, relaxing music, and breathing exercises, Idanim has garnered a dedicated user base who rely on the app to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

“We are elated to celebrate one year of Idanim and the positive impact our app has had on the lives of thousands of individuals. We started off as a meditation app available only for our internal employees. But today, we are one of the leading Indian-origin meditation apps with one of the biggest meditation libraries & teacher roster. We would like to thank every Idanim user for their continued support,” said Raman Mittal, Co-Founder and CPO of Idanim.

To celebrate its first anniversary, Idanim is delighted to introduce two valuable additions: Pranayama and Kids Meditations. Pranayama brings controlled breathing techniques to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being in adults. Meanwhile, Kids Meditations aim to cultivate mindfulness from an early age, providing children aged 4-8 with essential tools for focus, self-awareness, and emotional regulation.

“The addition of Pranayama and Kids Meditations are two big additions for us. We have always believed in promoting inner peace & overall well-being. While Kids Meditations will cater to a completely new age group, Pranayama being on the precipice of Yoga & Meditation will be useful for adults who practice Yoga and are interested in learning about Meditation.”, added Raman Mittal.

These new features demonstrate Idanim’s commitment to offering a holistic app that empowers individuals of all ages to lead happier, healthier lives through mindfulness and self-care practices.

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