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Idanim: Platform to help workers de-stress; This meditation app promotes mental wellness among users

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10 Jul 2023

Idanim means ‘Now’ in Sanskrit. It was conceived and created, primarily for our parent company - TO THE NEW’s employees. Combined with the decade-long meditation experience of our co-founders, Idanim was tailored to offer meditations to working professionals.

After receiving an excellent response within the company, Idanim was launched for the public in July last year, offering meditations by world renowned experts to all the working professionals out there. Idanim is a mindfulness app that has over 1,000 meditations spread across 40+ categories including learning to meditate, stress, productivity, compassion, etc. It boasts of a select team of teachers with deep experience in meditation as well as the corporate world.

“Our meditation experts have helped professionals better manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, relationships at the workplace and emotions like grief, anger, fear, etc. Meditation is for every professional. We target businesses primarily to be able to help professionals in any industry, field to be able to practice meditation and live healthier lives,” says Raman Mittal, Co-founder & CPO of Idanim.

According to him, Idanim was originally conceived for a group of employees, and has a natural B2B appeal. “We have partnered with some leading organisations who have given free access to Idanim to their employees. Based on the reviews we have collected, their employees have shared positive feedback for the app, especially regarding the meditation categories for professionals,” he adds.

Mittal believes that meditation is an individual journey and the app focuses on making that journey as personalised as possible for each user. “This has helped the app gain tremendous traction in the B2C market as well. It has garnered over 50,000 downloads in less than a year of its launch, and over 5,000 people use it to meditate every month,” Mittal points out.

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