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World Mental Health Day: Healthy mind leads to healthy world

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10 Oct 2022

Every year on October 10, the world celebrates World Mental Health Day to increase awareness of mental health concerns and to organize support for individuals who are dealing with them. Depression, anxiety, and other mental diseases have traditionally been the center of attention in mental health.

World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic caused anxiety and depression prevalence rates to increase by 25 percent. Depression and anxiety cause the global economy to lose more than $1 trillion in working days per year.

The WHO says growing social and economic inequalities, violence and public health emergencies affecting whole populations are threatening progress toward improved well-being.

“Poor mental health is a global issue that has been exacerbated by growing stress and anxiety levels amongst working professionals. According to World Health Organization India accounts for ⅓ mental health issues in the world. In order to promote mental well-being, India must advocate mental health care for reduced stress through nationwide community volunteering,” Raman Mittal, Co-founder of Idanim said.

According to Raman Mittal of Idanim, there are 3 areas that should be focused upon:

  • Education: It is important to spread awareness and knowledge about the subject of mental health and eliminate the stigma associated with it. This needs to be done by different factions - media, influential folks, government agencies, etc.

  • Access: Extending improved access to mental healthcare and encouraging the development of novel drugs alongside therapeutic treatment can reform the landscape of poor mental health in India.

  • Technology: Creating policies that ethically frame the use of new-age technologies such as AI-based mobile applications to succumb to ill mental health can significantly play a crucial role in conditioning people suffering from bad mental health.

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