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Elevate your Meditation Journey: Idanim introduces Pranayama Category

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23 Nov 2023

Idanim, known for its innovative approach to mindfulness, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new category, Pranayama. With this latest expansion, Idanim delivers on its commitment to providing a comprehensive platform for users to achieve a holistic balance of body and mind.

Pranayama is essentially the practice of breath regulation. In Sanskrit, “prana” means life energy, and “yama” means control. It’s a practice for both physical and mental wellness. Pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns in which you inhale, exhale, and hold your breath in a specific sequence. Pranayama practice can help manage stress & anxiety levels, improve sleep, etc. by strengthening the connection between your mind and body.

Idanim has onboarded Joshna Ramakrishnan as a Pranayama Teacher with a strong background and an incredible 15 years of teaching experience. Born in Chennai, Joshna began her Yoga journey at 12 at Sri Narayana Guru Ashram in Kanchipuram. She further pursued her passion for Yoga, studying at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. She continues her studies under her teacher, Srivatsa Ramaswami, in Vinyasa Krama Yoga.

In addition to her other endeavors, Joshna also runs her own yoga studio called Atma Yoga Shala operational in Chennai, India, and Guangzhou, China. The studio offers numerous online and offline classes, retreats, workshops, and much more.

Idanim’s pranayama category will include various techniques and practices for its users in an engaging video format. “Pranayama is a powerful tool that complements our existing meditation practices,” said Raman Mittal, the co-founder of Idanim. He added, “We wanted to create an experience for our users, where they can explore different dimensions of mindfulness and discover practices that resonate with them. By adding Pranayama to our app, we are further enriching the Idanim experience and empowering individuals to harness the transformative power of breath. We believe our collaboration with Joshna will help our users experience the power of Pranayama.”

Joshna shared, “By harnessing the breath’s potential, we gain the power to energize our body, calm our mind, and open the door to higher states of consciousness and mindfulness. My goal with Pranayama is for all of us to realign with our breath and lead a healthier and more peaceful life. I am so grateful to the team at Idanim for this beautiful opportunity. The app simplifies the journey, making the practice accessible to all. Looking forward to this incredible collaboration.”

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