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5 best meditation techniques to increase productivity among students

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24 Feb 2023

In today's busy world, students struggle with the demands of school as well as personal life. They often feel overwhelmed. External factors like social media, peer pressure, and family issues only make things worse.

As a result, many students experience stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. This can negatively impact their health, grades, relationships, and exuberance. There is little we can do to change things, but with the gift of meditation, we can empower future generations to cope with life's adversities.

Meditation has been practiced since the beginning of mankind, and its health benefits are well documented. This ancient practice calms the body and mind, relieves stress, and promotes brain function. Recent research suggests that meditation should be part of the academic curriculum. Students who meditate do better in school and can cope with academic stress more effectively. Studies have shown that meditation can increase IQ levels, improve mental function, and improve academic performance.

Understandably, it can be challenging to restrain active young minds in a few moments of silence and reflection, but a few techniques can help one achieve a flow state, think clearly, and stay focused.

1. Counting Breaths: It is one of the best meditations to reduce anxiety and get better sleep, and it is great for beginners! It is also one of the easiest ways to meditate, and you can do it anywhere. To do this, count your breaths at the end of every exhale until you arrive at 10.

2. Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation is effective for finding focus and releasing stress. Mindfulness with breathing involves paying close attention to your breath and observing your feelings, sensations, and thoughts without judging them.

3. Loving-kindness or Metta Meditation: Metta meditation focuses on letting go of anger and frustration, increasing compassion and positivity. It is also a great meditation for solving personal conflicts.

4. Mantra Meditation: This meditation helps foster manifestation, gratitude, and self-love. Mantra is a useful tool to reconnect and find peace within.

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