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5 Mindfulness Tips to Start your Morning on the Right Note

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12 Oct 2023

Morning is the most refreshing and productive time of the day and what you do in the first few hours of waking up can make a great difference to your achievements, dreams and happiness. However, many of us feel wake up tired and groggy in the morning and the hurry to wrap up morning chores and reach workplace leaves little time for self care and wellness routine. However, making small changes in your day can bring big results. For instance, instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, write in your journal. Waking up 20 minutes early can give you time for your favourite activities, reading or even relaxing with a cup of tea. All you have to do is to be a little mindful of your mental health.

Raman Mittal, wellness expert and Co-Founder of Idanim says "Mornings should be the ideal time for you to kick start your day on a positive and productive note. Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day, but many people struggle to get up in the morning and feel motivated to begin their day. There can be various reasons why this happens like you have nothing exciting planned for the day or you are still carrying the exhaustion from the day before. But there are ways to shake off this feeling and get ready to take the day head on and gather the fuel you would need for the rest of your day," He shares 5 mindful tips to start your morning right note:

1. Wake up early: Start your day on a mindful note. Wake up slowly and gradually, at least 5-10 minutes before you actually start your day. Instead of leaping out of bed at the sound of your alarm, give yourself a few extra minutes. Stretch your body, wiggle your toes, and take a few deep breaths. Adapting to this routine will allow you to be more mindful throughout the day.

2. No phone in the mornings: Checking your phone right after you wake up can trigger your stress hormones which could affect your activity throughout the day. Staying away from the phone can help you start afresh with a productive mindset.

3. Mindful meditation: Practicing mindful meditation for as little as 10-15 minutes in the morning can significantly enhance mental and emotional clarity. Moreover, it sets a positive tone for the day, fostering a sense of calm and resilience that can help you navigate challenges with greater ease.

4. Eat mindfully: Treat your breakfast as a moment of mindfulness. Feel the warmth of the food in your mouth. Smell the aroma of your drink. Take slow sips, chew mindfully and really taste your meal. It's like a mini meditation for your taste buds.

5. Mindful walking: If possible, step outside for a moment. Feel the warmth of sun on your face and the freshness of the grass on your feet as you take a mindful walk. Nature has healing powers, a way of grounding and reminding of the beauty around. Even if it's just for a few minutes, it's a great way to start your day with gratitude.

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