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5 effective meditation techniques to practice at work

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15 Nov 2022

According to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, mindfulness and meditation are the most effective ways in reducing work stress and poor mental health symptoms while creating a positive impact on employees’ mental well-being.

Increasing work demands and workplace stress levels can take a toll on your mental health. Employees may be unable to perform to their full potential and realise their life goals if they are experiencing such negative effects on their bodies and brains.

Practicing meditation at the workplace has many proven benefits like reduced stress and improved focus. Increased creativity, productivity and improved relationships with colleagues are some of the great results of meditation one can attain at work.

Raman Mittal, Co-founder and meditation expert, Idanim, shared five effective meditation techniques that you can practice at work. The techniques are:

  1. 1. Mantra Meditation: Creating a positive aura around you in a difficult situation may work wonders. Think of a mantra or a motivating phrase and keep repeating it in your mind.

  2. 2. Breathing Meditation: Deep breathing is one of the most effective methods to keep calm. Taking a deep breath enables more airflow in your body, which calms down your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety.

  3. 3. Walking Meditation: Taking a refreshing walk with awareness enables the human mind to observe things better. When the work is too overwhelming and stressful, walking meditation help the mind and body to relax.

  4. 4. Body Scan: Body scan meditation will help manage your physical and emotional feelings when you are overwhelmed, sad, or anxious. Pay attention to your whole body and how it feels, scanning from your feet to the top of your head in a slow and deliberate progression.

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