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Idanim Announces 40 percent Discount on Meditation Plans on the Occasion of Father's Day

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15 Jun 2023

Idanim, a mental wellness and meditation app announced a special discount of 40% on its annual subscription. People can use the coupon code MYDAD40 on the occasion of Father’s Day. The offer is valid till 10th July and aims to make mental wellness more accessible & prioritized for all the fathers out there.

Fathers spend most of their time working hard and sacrificing their health for their families. Their mental health takes the absolute backseat in their daily routine. With this offer, Idanim is offering a meditation subscription that will prioritize their mental health and it can act as a great gift to help fathers relax and unwind. Anyone can purchase a subscription directly from Idanim’s Android or iOS app for their father.

Speaking on the occasion, Raman Mittal, meditation expert and Co-Founder of Idanim says, "We should realize how important a father’s overall well being is. People focus on their physical health while their mental health remains neglected. Managing work and personal life is a constant uphill task for every father. Hence, we're excited to announce a limited-time discount on our app for all the fathers out there. As a father myself, this is a way of showing my appreciation to all the dads.”

We all know that there are several benefits to meditation, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus and concentration, better sleep, increased self-awareness, improved emotional well-being, lower blood pressure, etc. Overall, meditation can be a helpful tool for improving both physical and mental health.

Idanim has a highly curated and select team of world-renowned meditation teachers with a combined meditation experience of 200+ years, hailing from different parts of the globe such as the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, etc. These teachers provide guided meditations and LIVE sessions to Idanim users. The LIVE sessions provide a platform for Idanim users to experience meditation in a studio-like environment and a chance to talk to these global mindfulness experts and get their meditation queries answered.

Moreover, Idanim helps people improve productivity, confidence, fulfillment, and sleep through mindfulness in their daily routine through its 1000+ guided meditations across 40+ categories among other new features. The app also offers a feature called ‘Recommend Me’ to deliver personalized experiences to its users and help them navigate the pool of meditation resources easily.

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