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Rahul Dewan's Mindful Journey in the Corporate Realm

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Raman Mittal in conversation with Rahul Dewan

Join Raman Mittal and Rahul Dewan in a thought-provoking conversation. Rahul, the founder of Srijan Technologies, is an inspiring figure in the corporate world, where meditation is often overlooked for success and mental well-being.

Rahul is an experienced meditator who started his meditation journey years ago to find a deeper connection within himself. He turned to mindfulness to explore his inner self and face life's challenges with grace.

Rahul shares his personal experiences with sincerity, explaining how meditation transformed his life. It brought him clarity, emotional well-being, and a stronger connection to the present moment. He reveals the power of mindfulness and how he incorporated meditation in the corporate world, positively impacting his mental wellness and professional journey.

Rahul’s Mindfulness Journey So Far

As Rahul shared his mindfulness journey, he revealed that even as a child, he felt a strong connection to the art of mindfulness.

From a young age, Rahul found comfort and inspiration in spiritual and religious movies. These films opened the door to a world where mindfulness was at its core.

But it wasn't just movies that sparked Rahul's interest in mindfulness. He also discovered the calming practice of deep contemplation called Dhyana and the peaceful discipline of Yoga. These experiences planted the seeds of inner peace within him. With dedication, he explored meditation, treasuring each breath, movement, and moment of stillness as a way to discover the vast depths of his own self.

Through meditation, Rahul found solace from his busy and chaotic life. As he continued his practice, he realized that mindfulness was not just a vague idea, but real and tangible that touched every part of his life. It became like a compass, guiding him through the ups and downs of emotions, thoughts, and desires, enabling him to navigate life's challenges with grace and calmness.

How Meditation Helped Rahul Navigating Through Difficult Situations?

Rahul went through a tough time where he felt down for a long period. It took him years to confront and talk openly about this struggle, highlighting the importance of taking care of our mental well-being.

During this challenging journey, he found a valuable healing method through meditation and mindfulness. He made a commitment to meditate every day, remembering his early morning bike rides to the meditation center. This discipline gradually helped him overcome his sadness.

Rahul also found help in LANDMARK EDUCATION PROGRAMS to manage his depression. These programs showed him how unexpressed emotions and thoughts can cause greater problems when ignored. Through the self-expression and leadership program, Rahul discovered the power of expressing his emotions authentically. Meditation played a crucial role during this time, kickstarting his journey of self-discovery.

At the same time, he got inspired to start Srijan Technologies, which is now a leading company in digital experience services. During this period of personal growth, Rahul realized that meditation in the corporate world had an untapped potential, even though its effectiveness was often questioned.

Rahul decided to include meditation in the corporate world. Based on his own experiences and how it transformed his life, he aimed to promote the integration of meditation in the corporate world. He believed that a balance between inner well-being and professional success was achievable. Rahul's journey became a mission to unlock the hidden potential within individuals and organizations by championing mindfulness practices.

Is Meditation for Everyone?

This is one of the most common questions that occur when one thinks about meditation, especially among working professionals in the corporate world. Many people think that mindfulness doesn't matter in their busy lives, despite having a stressful life. Many people are skeptical and believe that meditation is only for those who are interested in religion or spirituality.

Yet, Rahul is a strong believer in meditation and believes it is essential for everyone, especially in the workplace, to improve their mental well-being. Let's go back to 2008, when he had a life-changing meditation experience and learned valuable lessons from the respected Sadhguru. It was during this encounter that Rahul truly understood and fully embraced the discipline and principles of meditation.

One crucial lesson that resonated deeply with Rahul was the concept of "Quietening of the mind”. He noticed that many people dismiss this concept as an excuse to avoid meditation, not realizing its true importance. Quoting Sadhguru, Rahul reminds us of a profound truth: "For your entire life, you have fed nonsense to your mind. Whatever the world throws at you, you gathered all the information without filtering it. The outcome would be your mind backlashing all the unnecessary information you kept inside your mind."

Inspired by this wisdom, Rahul had a transformative change in his thinking. He realized how crucial it is to filter out and let go of unnecessary clutter in his mind. This realization became a cornerstone of his beliefs, motivating him to establish a consistent daily meditation routine.

Rahul learned that meditation in the corporate world is a vital practice for everyone. He emphasizes its powerful impact on mental well-being and resilience, changing the way individuals perceive and handle workplace challenges.

Does Meditation Make People Slow?

In the corporate world, there's a common misconception that meditation is a dull practice that makes you inactive, leading to a vegetative state, effective growth, and wisdom. Drawing from his own experiences in the corporate environment, Rahul agrees that this perception is false. He even shared a personal anecdote from his early days of meditation to support his point.

Recalling a popular Hindi verse, Char Purusharth, encompassing Dharma (religion), Arth (wealth), Kaam (work), and Moksh (salvation), Rahul shed light on how individuals in the Chatur Varna engaged in daily tasks alongside the practices of dhyan, yoga, and meditation. Contrary to the misconception, these mindful additions to their lives fostered personal growth, amplifying their wisdom, rather than diminishing it.

Rahul highlights how meditation can bring about remarkable changes in the corporate world. He emphasizes its ability to boost personal and professional growth, unlock hidden wisdom, and help individuals reach their fullest potential.

How Mindfulness Deepened Rahul’s Core Values?

Rahul, a prominent figure in the digital realm, embraces the power of mindfulness. His commitment to self-awareness has shaped his beliefs and values.

When asked about the impact of mindfulness on his core values, Rahul enthusiastically confirms its influence. He attributes his authenticity and ability to appreciate and express his true self to mindfulness practices, freeing him from insecurities.

Rahul shares a workplace anecdote, where his authenticity has gained recognition for diffusing challenging situations. He highlights that authenticity also fosters a positive mindset, allowing one to view circumstances through a positive lens, cultivating resilience and personal growth.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

"Just start meditating!" These words from Rahul sparked an irresistible invitation. He shares his principles of meditation, guiding us on the path of mindfulness.

His first principle is simple yet profound: dedicate a few precious moments each day to sit quietly and contemplate. Beginning with just 10-15 minutes, Rahul encourages us to gradually increase this practice, allowing ourselves to connect with our breath and listen to the whispers of our soul.

As Rahul addresses mindfulness meditation for beginners, he acknowledges a common challenge: neglecting our emotional well-being amid life's chaos. With compassion and wisdom, he urges us to embrace what may seem selfish—a commitment to carve out time for our mental wellness.

Rahul reminds us that tending to our emotional landscape is not selfish but necessary for self-love and self-care. By persistently dedicating time to meditation, we create an oasis of tranquility within ourselves. Here, we find solace, clarity, and renewed energy amidst life's bustling demands.

Watch the video below to catch the full interview with Rahul Dewan.