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BK Shivani Didi on Meditation and Spirituality

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Welcome to an enlightening session where, Raman Mittal the co-founder of Idanim, engages in a captivating conversation with the globally revered BK Shivani Didi, practitioner and teacher at Rajyoga Meditation. With her commitment to the Brahma Kumaris since 1996, Shivani Didi has become a beacon of wisdom and a catalyst for transformation through spiritual meditation.

For more than two decades, she has touched the lives of people around the globe, empowering them with profound insights and compassionate guidance on the path to spiritual meditation and growth. As a global spiritual leader, BK Shivani Didi has graced platforms and conferences, leaving audiences inspired by her message of love, compassion, and the power of the human spirit.

Join us on this thought-provoking journey as we delve into the depths of Rajyoga Meditation and discover the transformative wisdom that BK Shivani Didi has to offer.

How Did Shivani Didi Get into Meditation and Carve a Spiritual Path?

Shivani Didi took us on a journey that traced back to her childhood days. She shared her initial resistance towards the mindful lifestyle and meditation, recounting how her mother's gentle nudges to embrace these practices were met with disapproval.

Yet, as time unfolded, Shivani Didi witnessed a remarkable transformation in her mother's behavior and personality. Intrigued by the positive shift, she embarked on her own quest, delving into the realm of Rajyoga meditation. Through deep introspection, she found peace, love, and a connection with God, guiding her on a spiritual meditation path.

Spirituality, according to Shivani Didi, is more than just meditation; it encompasses a complete lifestyle. She encourages consistent practice to transform spirituality into a way of life, nurturing the soul and leading to a purposeful existence.

What are some Common Mistakes and Misconceptions related to Meditation?

BK Shivani Didi directed our focus towards the essence of clarity in our mindfulness spiritual meditation practice. What is meditation? Why do we engage in it? What purpose does it serve? What outcomes do we seek? Every endeavor should bear results, for sustained motivation requires a meaningful destination.

Didi explained the ideology of Brahma Kumari Rajyoga Meditation, centered on the transformative principle of "Sanskaar Parivartan" — our emotional thinking patterns, such as anger, compassion, jealousy, and kindness. At Brahma Kumari Rajyoga meditation, the aim is to ascend from the lowest vibrations of lust, greed, ego, and attachment to the elevated realms of purity, detachment, love, and acceptance.

Rajyoga meditation aims to shift our consciousness from the body and ego to soul consciousness. By practicing early in the morning, we allow ourselves the opportunity to realign our programming from the lowest vibrations and connect our soul with the supreme soul. Meditation should not be merely a 30-minute practice; it encompasses a 24-hour meditative lifestyle.

How can we Deepen Our Connection with Our Soul?

Our co-founder, Raman shared his personal experiences where he feels blissful on most days but at the same time, there are days when he feels disconnected with that silence and space particularly when the external circumstances are not as per expectations. He asked, how can we connect deeply with the soul that Shivani didi often talks about, pointing to the reminding ourselves as "Souls."

Shivani Didi further delved into the transformative tools of spiritual meditation that can elevate our consciousness from its lowest state to the highest. The first tool, known as "Gyaan," meaning knowledge, is not a single lesson that imparts instant enlightenment but rather a daily ritual that nurtures continuous growth and understanding. It becomes a transformative journey, a constant remembrance of our soul's essence.

Emphasizing the significance of spiritual meditation study, BK Shivani Didi recommends dedicating at least an hour to it. It is recommended to engage in spiritual meditation study for 365 days, allowing us to continuously remind ourselves of our soul's existence and refrain from indulging in body and ego consciousness.

When Shivani Didi was asked about teaching the mind to embrace the essence of being a soul and how to cultivate a sense of presence, she clarified that identifying as a soul does not imply restraining from material possessions, such as buying a car or living with one's family. Rather, it signifies liberation from the need to depend on others for validation or a sense of completeness.

When one identifies solely with roles or relationships, there is always a seeking for something external. However, as a soul, there is no longing or demand for anything from anyone. Instead, one radiates their true essence. By embracing their identity as souls, individuals transcend the limitations of ego and body consciousness, fostering personal growth and nurturing harmonious relationships with the world around them.

Raman recounted one of his early experiences, a significant moment when he purchased a luxury car and drove it to the office for the first time. He candidly admitted that deep down, he sought validation from others through his extravagant car; it was his ego craving appreciation and a sense of satisfaction. However, he also admitted how he gradually let go of this attachment and progressed beyond ego consciousness.

Didi shed light on the distinction between ego and spiritual ego, emphasizing the difficulty in taming the latter, as it often remains unrecognized, wrapped beneath spirituality or seva bhav (the spirit of selfless service). She explained that even in the act of seva, where the intention is to rise above tendencies of jealousy, comparison, egoism, and a lack of awareness regarding body consciousness can manifest.

In this context, seva, which implies selflessly giving, demands introspection and self-reflection. Rather than comparing our meditation journey to that of others, we should instead focus on comparing it to our own personal growth. By examining our behavioral patterns, sanskaras (impressions), and assessing how far we have come, we cultivate a sense of awareness not only during spiritual meditation but also beyond those 30 minutes. Gradually, this awareness permeates our behavior, words, thoughts, wisdom, actions, and ultimately, our subconscious mind.

What are Some Easy Meditation Tips for Beginners to Overcome Hurdles in their Practice?

There are several challenges and concerns people face when they try meditation for the first time, some of which persist even after a few sessions. The most prevalent obstacles like overactive mind, intrusive thoughts, physical discomforts, restlessness, and occasionally drowsiness during meditation.

Shivani Didi addressed these concerns by drawing a simple parallel to the adjustments we face when embarking on physical activities. The mind tends to transport us to various mental landscapes, cluttered with thoughts that demand our attention

Didi stressed the importance of maintaining discipline and consistency in one's spiritual meditation practice. By cultivating a routine, we create a framework that enables us to clear the clutter and progress toward profound soul cleansing.

She emphasized the significance of dedicating a specific space in our homes solely for meditation, free from distractions, thereby establishing an environment with a distinct energy separate from the rest of the house. This self-created sanctuary becomes our Zen space, fostering an ideal environment for deep introspection.

What is BK Shivani Didi’s take on Social Media?

Social media has seamlessly integrated into our lives. It has become habitual for us to engage in mindless scrolling on various websites, consuming content that often lacks value or meaningful learning. Unconsciously, we find ourselves making this mistake repeatedly. BK Shivani Didi shed light on the importance of using social media to our advantage rather than becoming enslaved by it./p>

She emphasized the crucial first step of acknowledging that social media is intentionally designed to be addictive. This awareness serves as a catalyst, prompting us to be mindful of the time we spend on the internet.

Equally significant is informing ourselves about the impact social media has on our consciousness. Every piece of content we consume, whether online or offline, subtly weaves itself into our thought patterns. These thought patterns, in turn, shape our sanskaras—the deep impressions in our subconscious—and ultimately influence our actions, shaping our destiny.

Didi illustrated this concept by contrasting the past and present. Twenty-five years ago, "stress" was a mere buzzword, with fewer individuals complaining about depression and related issues. However, in the present day, everyone seems to be grappling with various phases of life, heavily influenced by the content they consume. By reframing our perspective, we can recognize that consuming content within healthy limits aligns our sanskaras with our spiritual meditation journey.

When approached with the right mindset, consuming content on social media can actually enrich our lives. It has the potential to shape our words, visuals, and even the vibrations we emit, ultimately contributing to the development of our personality.

How BK Shivani Didi Incorporates Mindfulness into her Daily Life?

BK Shivani Didi reflected on being a public figure by saying “never really liked the idea of being a public figure”. As an individual, she cherished a life away from the spotlight, free from the trappings of ego consciousness. However, the love and admiration she has garnered throughout the years have become an integral part of her journey, one that she now perceives as an opportunity to spread awareness and share the teachings of spirituality.

Her intention, from the very beginning, was to impart wisdom and knowledge derived from her own experiences and journey. It has become an inseparable aspect of her personality, influencing every action and decision she takes. She shared how her emotional well-being and thought patterns have transformed over time, guided by her deepening soul consciousness. Living within the Brahma Kumaris family has played a pivotal role in this evolution, enhancing her spiritual meditation journey.

Didi emphasis on the principle of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" has become a living practice within her close-knit community of Brahma Kumaris. The philosophy of considering the entire world as one family has found manifestation in her interactions and relationships with her fellow members.

Through her insightful reflections, Shivani Didi conveyed her sincere dedication to sharing spiritual wisdom, the profound impact it has had on her life, and the transformative power of embracing the oneness of humanity within the Brahma Kumaris family.