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Why Idanim?

Idanim is a mental wellness and a meditation app created specifically for business professionals. It has over 500 meditations across 40+ categories, including learn to meditate, work break, stress, productivity, sleep, confidence, etc. by globally renowned teachers. Mindfulness can help your business become more productive while increasing your employees’ performance. Create a mindful organization and provide a positive work environment for your employees with Idanim.

Teachers - Pillars of Idanim

Globally renowned teachers with a combined experience of 200+ years in meditation and corporate world

Live Events

Daily live meditation practices and masterclasses with our teachers on topics like leadership, focus, stress, etc

Analytics for HR & Business Leaders

Simple and insightful dashboards to understand the usage and adoption amongst the employees

How does Idanim ensure success for your organisation?

Account Manager enabling you to increase the adoption of mindfulness in the company

Monthly sync ups to ensure you and your employees are not facing any issues

Corporate kit including all marketing assets like emailers and creatives to promote mindfulness programs

Customer programs/campaigns to increase employee engagement with the app

Benefits of Meditation
10 Minutes Daily Mindfulness Meditation

Of practicing mindful meditation increases attention span

Improve your Mental Wellbeing with Idanim

of people managed anxiety better through meditation

Increase Productivity with Idanim

of people who meditated daily slept better

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Idanim is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After you subscribe to an Idanim for Business membership plan, your employees need to download the respective app and login with their employee ID. Your email domain will be whitelisted at the backend. Unlike other applications, there is no need to share the CSV file of email IDs and worry about people who are no longer a part of your organization.

  • We have a fixed monthly fee for organisations of different sizes. This helps you plan your budgets; the cost does not fluctuate whether the application is used by 50% of your employee base or 100%. After your subscription gets activated, all your employees will be able to login to the Idanim app using their business/work email ID.

  • To help you promote mindfulness program within your organisation, Idanim’s Corporate Kit includes launch email, mindfulness and meditation resources like whitepapers, videos, etc., creatives for intra-org social media, Idanim logos and recommended email templates. Apart from the kit, we will assign an Account Manager who will help you implement wellness and mindfulness in your organisation.

  • Our reporting dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the meditation activity of all your employees. You can view daily, weekly and monthly active users, most listened categories, number of hours of meditations your employees have listened to, mindfulness and meditation minutes of your employees, create and manage meditation challenges, see who are the top meditators in your organisation, etc.

Let us know if you have any specific question related to Idanim or meditation.