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Introducing Mindfulness for Little Ones

Introduce your kids to the concept of mindfulness and create a foundation of good habits right from their childhood. Practicing meditation from a young age empowers them with valuable tools to navigate their life with ease.

Benefits of Kids Meditation

  • Better Value & Habits

    Meditation provides children with a tool to use throughout their lives to promote emotional well-being & positive values.

  • Improved Focus & Concentration

    Meditation helps children develop their attention skills, allowing them to focus better on tasks and activities.

  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation

    By learning to observe their thoughts and emotions, kids can develop greater self-awareness and emotional resilience.

  • Better Sleep Patterns

    Regular meditation practice can support healthy sleep habits, helping children get the rest they need for optimal growth and development.


Meditating Made Fun!

Introducing Koku, our endearing and zen-loving meditator who will help your kids learn mindful awareness of their thoughts, sensations, and emotions, fostering a sense of presence in their everyday activities.

With immersive visuals, sensory meditations, and fun breathing exercises, Koku will help your kids develop a strong sense of emotional well-being and self-awareness, encouraging imagination and creativity.

About Idanim

Idanim is a mental wellness and meditation app created for inner peace & well being. The app has over 1000 meditations spread across 40+ categories by world renowned teachers. It is developed by TO THE NEW, a 7-times winner of Great Place to Work.

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